Why Choose
HIPAA Direct?


Have you ever known someone that tried to make themselves important or valuable by holding on to information?  Too often consultants rely on terminology and legalese to muddle or blur issues.  They believe this allows them to retain value and power.  We believe that our value is created by making the information you need completely attainable and understandable.  Our belief is based on the notion that you would rather pay for the information and explanation so that you can make informed decisions, rather than to pay for someone else's poorly explained, yet forceful suggestions.  We're happy to offer our experience and our counsel, but our goal is to empower you with the ability to make the informed decisions for which you are ultimately responsible. 


Compliance is achieved through a defined process.  We stay true to that process.  We do not over complicate it or cut corners.  Step one is to explain the process, then we collaborate with your team to assign and execute. Our job is not done until we have seen each step through to completion.  


It may be cliche, but it is absolutely true.  Our success is dependent on your success.  We do not simply offer you a spreadsheet (for you to do all of the work) and a report.  We become a part of your team - working with you during initial compliance,  annual auditing, employee training, and even in the event of an event or a possible breach.